Consumer Report Releases Auto Reliability Survey Facts

Facing lots of reliability problems, Ford has been dropped from the top list by the survey conducted by Consumer Reports on auto reliability among the 28 brands, while its luxury brand, Lincoln got a better seat. About 2 years ago, Ford was in the top ten lists among other brands, with more than 90% of its vehicles doing better.  This year, the top 7 places were occupied by Japanese carmakers.

Several aspects contributed to Ford Motors’ turn down in Consumer Reports reliability. A few redesigned and new models, including Focus, Fiesta, and Explorer arrived at the market with more problems. The automaker has added My Lincoln/My Ford Touch electronic infotainment system that has been causing the trouble in many vehicles. In addition to these, historically reliable vehicles, Lincoln MKZ, Ford Fusion, and Escape were not included in the survey as all three models have been redesigned for 2013 and Consumer Reports does not yet have reliability stats on them.

Toyota excelled in CR’s latest ratings and this along with 2 other sub-brands, Lexus and Scion swept the top places. Out of the 27 vehicles in Toyota’s lineup, 16 achieved highest ratings and overall, Prius C subcompact got the top spot, while Prius hatchback, Prius V, and Prius plug-in were also rated above average.  Toyota’s trio was followed by Japanese brands, Subaru, Acura, Mazda, and Honda. All the vehicles produced by these top 7 carmakers had better or above average reliability. About 90 of the Japanese vehicles reflected in CR, 35 vehicles got highest ratings, while remaining had better rating. The European brand Audi moved up to 8th spot from its 18th place, making it easily the most reliable European brand and the top non-Japanese make.

The top US-make title went to Cadillac that moved up 14 places in 2012 and CTS coupe was named as the most reliable domestic vehicle. Other GM brands, GMC, Chevy, and Buick also moved up in terms of rankings. Chevy Volt earned above average reliability, while compact Cruze progressed to average. CR had enough data to report on some of the refreshed Dodge and Chrysler vehicles- their problems dragged the brand’s ranking down. Chrysler’s 300 sedan was named as the brand’s most reliable model with an average reliability, while V8 300 as its worst.

2012 CR annual auto survey report was based on subscriber’s experience with 1.2 million models. It used the data to judge how well the vehicle is and how it’s doing business.

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